Wen-Li Chen


“Intersectionality is like a training wheel, to get us where we need to go, it is a high index glass to help us see the things we need to see.” — Kimberle’ Crenshaw


Asian/Pacific Islander/Indigenous People bilingual creative designer/artist/educator/ABAR advocator 


M.Des. in Photography, The Glasgow School of Art

M.Ed. in K-6 Education (Teaching, Dual Language and Immersion), University of Minnesota


Hello! My name is Wen-Li Chen 陳雯俐. I am an Asian/Pacific Islander/Indigenous People(Amis+Kavalan) bilingual graphic designer, artist and an art educator on a deep reflection and learning journey of understanding what racism and bias are to support myself to re-learn and re-educate about social justice that can help me to find the voice and standing for awareness and recognition as well as provoking diversity and inclusion.


I’m trying to sell some prints and publications to sponsor myself to produce some revenue that can help me be more sustainable in making work that promotes anti-bias and anti-racism messages through the means of design and the circulation of communication in the public. The output will be a series of zines and posters for people based on their affordable financial stability. It is based on the K-6 education training, which focuses on the dual language and immersion program I’ve been through at the University of Minnesota for graduate study. 


The purpose of supporting this project is for me to generate the visual content in sequential ways that can spread the educational message and content for the general public who want to learn more about what anti-racism/anti-bias is. Why it is essential to know and how to practice and reflect it on in our daily life, not just in the school or in the classroom, but more importantly, it can be understood and implemented in our daily life whenever we have a chance to interact with others in any social setting. 

Each print you purchase will help me divide 6% of each payment to fund a non-profit organization that supports Indigenous people.